Private Dining

Private Dining

Ashley and his team are a skilled elite of chefs with experience from all different culinary
backgrounds and our goal is to provide a delicious, seasonal and locally sourced fine dining
experience within the privacy of your own home.

Birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions or client dinners are just a few occasions where the
addition of a private chef can take the stress out of cooking and allow you to be present with your friends and family, celebrating with them!

Either choose from one of the sample menus provided or speak directly to Ashley to create a
bespoke menu tailored around you for your special occasion. Ashley will discuss any allergens, likes and dislikes you may have, allowing him to modify the menu and make it perfect for your occasion.

On the evening, the chef will arrive around an hour before you would like your first course to be
served, this allows them to familiarise themselves with your kitchen and start the preparation for the culinary experience you have ahead! After each course is served, the chef will give a brief description of what you are about to eat to give you an insight on the produce and cooking methods involved in creating each dish and then disappear back into the kitchen and start preparing your next course, leaving you and your guests to enjoy the culinary creation.
Once you and your guests are full and satisfied, the chef will pack everything away and make sure the kitchen is left spotless so you won’t need to worry about the dreaded washing up the morning

Having a private chef cater for you can make even the most special day that little more special, so get in contact today and find out how we can we can give you a truly memorable experience you will be talking about for years to come.